Photo shooting

I found a very great photographer. I had never done something like this before. It’s such a great experience, when you do things, you have never done before.

That’s what they say, right? “If you want something you never had before, you got to do something you never done before.” I met with the photographer at “Habit” coffee shop (which by the way is amazing) in order to discuss my thoughts and whether he would have the time to implement them. We had a great time and we decided to start the project.

We met a couple of times and he (Christopher Pouget) did such an amazing job! I had to jump in a pond, play my guitar in the park, leaned against brick walls and walked along the train tracks in high heels. He made me laugh and was able to capture excellent moments. Thank you Chris for a wonderful time. I hope we keep in touch. Thank you!

  Place :   Victoria BC
  Date :   2015-05-28
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