Studio recording

How everything started and studio time:

One special day, I went to a so called “drum hang” and had to play a piece of music after taking drum lessons for 2 weeks. That night we had a special guest, who played on stage. When he was playing, I was totally blown away. When he came off stage, I hugged him and I even remember telling him, that I love him … We connected right away and from that moment on, Ron Thaler and I became really great friends. Later I figured out, that he was also a very famous producer and I asked him, whether he would produce my album. I still remember him listening to my songs on YouTube (that were recorded in my living room on  my phone) and he loved them. So we decided to make an album. One and a half years later, we started! I still remember the first day I arrived in the studio – words cannot describe the excitement I felt. Finally I could start to live my dream! I had been waiting so many years for this moment. If you want to live your dreams – just do it! It’s not an easy task to pursue your dreams, but if you follow your heart, you will always win! I know you’ve probably heard this phrase a million times, and It may seem like something that could only happen to others. I know these thoughts, but I will tell you a secret: if you pursue your dreams and never let them go – you will make connections with the right people, and will find that everything will come together for you in time. Wait for the perfect moment! It’ll come! I promise you that!

I would never have thought how intense that time in the studio would become. It was a very emotional and wonderful time! I had a blast and learned so much from everyone I worked with during that time. I still remember, when I heard my arranged songs for the first time, I cried tears of joy!

Special thanks to a few of the people who worked with me: my sponsor Jan Hannemann (Thank you for being my biggest fan and for always believing in me), my producer Ron Thaler (You are a freaking genius), my engineer Matt Gibbs (I respect your work so much. No clue how you do that!), string parts and the biggest help Ramiro Rodriguez Zamarripa (they always bring tears to my eyes, you are so amazing), my guitarist Christian Starke (you gave me wings, I love what you played), my bass player Rick May (love the bass lines) and my pianist Chris Van Sickle (you are so talented). Thanks to Bob Gronotte (you are so cool) and Justin LaPointe (you are great). Thanks to my saxophone player Gilad Ronen (I love the saxophone parts) and to my trumpeter Roy Brandies (What a beautiful sound). Thank you for your help! Without you, my songs would not sound as amazing as they do now! I love you!

A very special thanks to my sweet treasures – my kid’s choir: Elias-Joel Hannemann, Lavanya Bawa, Ishaan Bawa, Jaidyn Olynyk, Asia Olynyk, Lauren Thompson, Jentzi Owen, Olivia Fontes, Zoe Lindsay, Talia Folster, – You did such an amazing job! You have no idea, how much it meant to me, to have you on my album. I love our song!

My background singers

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  Date :   2015-05-27
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