Only a short time!


They say you have to live your dreams… My dream is to fill the lives of others with joy and love. Since I can think I “tortured” my parents and brothers with my poetry or self-written songs, they had to listen to. I often asked myself, what MY special talent for this world would be. My heart is on fire for LOVE, people and for changing the world for the better. That’s exactly what I describe in my songs. My strength lies within describing things in a simple, but deep way and to put them into music. These songs are my heart, my soul and my love for this world.

I spent long days and long nights in the studio and I put my whole heart into the music. Many tears were shed along the process. I always thought I am writing these songs for others, but the truth is I was completely changed first. I am very grateful for that.

Together with my amazing producer Ron Thaler and many wonderful and very respected and loved musicians, my first EP came into being.

I am not giving away too much for now, but I look forward to showing you my heart! Stay curious, because this music will grow, empower, motivate you and heal your souls, if you want to. It was an honor for me to serve you.

The last technical processes will be finished in a short period and then…!

Yours with love, Dorothy Melody



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